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"Romain came on board to do the soundtrack of my feature film, After the Fall - beating out an international pool of applicants for the role. Romain approached the project with a level of creativity and tact that is a rare find in the industry. He created a score that really captured the emotional journey of the characters in the film, and was very communicative and transparent with updating me on where things were throughout the process. He brought so much to the table, including new ideas and concepts I hadn’t even thought of.

I would absolutely recommend Romain Quessaud as a composer and creative partner. I look forward to the chance to work with him again in the future."

Matthew Manyak
Serial Entrepreneur | Author | Filmmaker

“Romain understands how to create a story through music and capture emotion, even within the simplest pieces. We have worked on two projects together that required both simple and complex music compositions where Romain has exceeded expectations. His friendly nature makes working together easy and exciting to bounce ideas around with. It is an amazing experience to be able to work together and build on creative ideas. Romain is able to understand what we’re looking for and creates compositions that mirror our vision. His compositions are extremely versatile and allow for endless styles and moods depending on what you are looking for. Romain created soundtracks for two of our short films and his music added a whole new layer of depth that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. We will surely be working together again soon and we’re excited to see the new music he creates.” 

Dominick Cura 


Erin Pedersen 


"Romain was very responsive in our initial meeting about what we wanted for our short film soundtrack. He took our ideas and turned them into a beautiful piece that complemented the visuals beautifully. He took on well any notes we had for revisions and was a pleasure to work with! I would highly recommend him."

Samantha Locock

“Working with Romain was such a privilege. We connected immediately and he understood the aim of the material very fast. We discussed various options for the score of The project we were working on but the final result was above and beyond what I or the team could’ve asked for. His work elevated our Cry Zach short to another level and I can honestly say our project wouldn’t have been half as affective without the work he put in to the music. It was like the missing part of the puzzle. If you are looking for someone to enhance your work he’s your guy. I certainly am looking forward to the day we get to work together again.” 

Collen Demerez
Writer & Director

Romain came on board to compose the score for our dystopian short film High Fidelity. There was a brilliant synergy from the get-go as he very quickly understood the material and the direction it needed to go in. His piece paired perfectly with our visuals and we couldn’t be more pleased with the score for the film. He’s a great communicator and builds on feedback incredibly well. It was a pleasure to work with him and I will be collaborating with him again on future projects.

Etienne Scott 


Notable work as assistant for Ack Kinmonth

Christmas on a Farm (Dir. Christopher Weekes, Composer Ack Kinmonth, 2021) - Music Preparation

Refugia (Dir. Liana Cornell, Composer Ack Kinmonth, 2021) - Music Preparation and Music Editor

VIPOO SRIVILASA (Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, 2021) - Co Composer and Arranger (Video)

ABC's Big Weather (and How to Survive It) (2020) - Music Editor (Composer Ack Kinmonth) (IMDb page)

BCM Tech One (2020) - Composing and arranging (Video)

Song Bird (2020) - Composing and Arranging 

Container (dir. Clifton Schulke, Composer Ack Kinmonth, 2020) - additional arranging, music editor (IMDb page) (Video

Burning Man (2019) - Music editor (Composer Ack Kinmonth)


Broken (Dir. Anthony Penney, 2023)

Angel (Dir. Collen Demerez, 2023)

Dawn Rising (Dir. Dominick Cura, 2022)

After the Fall (Dir. Matthew Manyak, 2022)

The Great Hadley (Dir. Luca Barton, 2021)

A Whispered Hope (Dir. Katie Loughrin & Samantha Locock, 2021)

Cry Zach (Dir. Collen Demerez, 2021)

Color of the Sky (Dir. Dominick Cura, 2021)

SAM (Dir. Fidji Sotto, 2021)

High Fidelity (Dir. Millie Everett, 2020)

Swedish Courage (Dir. Nadya Abbasi, 2020)

Couple's Dark Web Unboxing Challenge (Gone Wrong) VERY SCARY (Dir. Azure Leffeld, 2020)

Art for Thoughts (Podcast Jingle, created by Lobke Van Eijk, 2020-)

Hungarian with Sziszi (Podcast Jingle, created by Szilvia Carrillo, 2020-)

Lone Tree (Dir. Lachlan Bembrick, 2019)

Dollumentary Jingle (2019)

Mature (Dir. Stephen Rice, 2019)

Fracture (Dir. Jordyn Haney, 2019)

Hopevale 2019 (Promotional content for QUT. Dir. Deelan Do, 2019)

Binary trailer (Dir. Deelan Do, 2019)

Klangschlange/Soundline (QUT Future Lab Academy, 2018)

The Supernatural Boogie (Dir. Jack Pressley, 2018)

Perception (Dir. Jordyn Haney, 2018)

Optic Archive Theme Song (Promotional content, 2018)

Wheel of Fortune (Dir. Tim Hill, 2018)

The Menace (Dir. Liam McNaught, 2018)

Scrambled (Dir.Jordan Burgess, 2018)

Hopevale (Promotional content for QUT. Dir. Deelan Do, 2018)

Grandma’s House (Dir. Sorin Oancea, 2017)

The Goldilocks Zone (QUT Animation Students, 2017)

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