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Romain Quessaud is an award winning composer, music editor, and sound designer with a passion to explore the relationship we have with sound. Through experimenting and mixing electronic and acoustic music, Romain specialises in the creation of sonic worlds to accompany the picture and the story. He has a keen interest for films and other art forms which depict our reality, life, and our relationships, and always thriving to innovate in order to push the boundaries of art. 


Romain has released numerous EP and singles throughout the years, while constantly evolving and exploring new sounds palettes. Drawing inspiration from classical composers such as Liszt, Chopin, and Debussy, but also more modern electronic composers such as Jon Hopkins, Nils Frahms, and Olafur Arnalds, Romain feels a constant need to learn and experiment within the craft of music. 


When composing, Romain search for an endless exploration of life and of our environments. He uses his experiences to keep pushing his creatives horizons, and mixes music with everyday sounds, as well as concepts in philosophy, sociology, nature and urbanism, to create worlds within, and to dive into a constantly evolving culture of music. Exploring the meaning of sound and building compelling soundscapes and stories through music is what feeds on the passion for Romain.

Originally from France, Romain moved to Australia and graduated in 2018 from QUT, and has been since working as a freelance composer and sound designer with clients from over the world. Romain has collaborated with a wide array of creatives from different backgrounds, and has travelled to many places around the world to experiment and spread the practice of sound with amazing talents. 

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